PENCILS COMMUNITY is a social enterprise that takes your new, used and discarded pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, pencil cases and other stationery items, re-bundles them and gives them to children in need in Australia and around the globe. Our motto - helping children colour their world.



Founded by Cindy Rochstein in 2015, equipped with one messy desk and a Facebook post and some sheer passion she (with the help of many special volunteers) turned this simple creative idea into a reality.

We strongly believe and focus on initiatives that support:



Humanitarian issues

This is our thinking..."Take a pencil and create, draw, colour, learn, read and write - it is a tool for opportunity" and it is this concept, which makes us want to give 100% of our profits, time and energy back into the communities that need it most - our kids at Pencils Communities.

Just one Pencil...

Made up of 100% Volunteers, we believe we can change someone’s future by providing materials that will help improve welfare, empower them, encourage creativity and support education. Pencils Community strives to be as sustainable as possible by recycling items; reduce, reuse, recycle.​

Through collaboration with other organisations and charities, via various means of transportation (from shipping containers to backpackers trekking ‘Pencil Packs’ into remote villages) Pencils Community is able to bring a smile to the faces of many children. 

Pencils Community is growing every day, reaching out to local and remote schools in Australia as well as many countries across the globe, helping thousands of children in need ... 

It’s amazing what a difference one pencil can make!

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