Pencils Community

Helping children
colour their world

It's time to say farewell...

Hello lovelies,


We hope this message finds you well and that your year has been the best it can possibly be with all its twists and turns.


At Pencils we’ve had a few twists and turns ourselves. As you would know, it’s almost impossible these days to have a conversation that doesn’t involve Covid and yet here we are…


Pencils has over the years done some amazing work and service to others. Many of us have helped thousands of children through the gift of pencils as well as the “act of giving that goes both ways” to both the giver and recipient. We are really proud of what we started and created.


"Pencils" mission is to collect coloured pencils and donate them to schools and orphanages across the globe. Helping children to colour their world! And indeed that is what we did!


From it’s humble days of Oli and I and many wonderful special people helping volunteer, sort and create pencil bundles in the garage of our house and grow it into the amazing charity it became. Reaching children through the assistance of travellers in over 40 countries around the globe, connecting all corners of Australia and most importantly giving children the opportunity to draw, write, read and create. Precious memories we will never forget.


It’s with this achievement in mind that we are now going “out” on a high.


Rather than consider that Covid and all that it encompasses has made it impossible for us to now operate, volunteer, disinfect and collect pencils, having tried so hard to keep Pencils going through this time, an amazing team of people and caretakers giving their all, but it was just not to be.


Instead of focusing on this we have decided to celebrate all the magic that we have created over the years and that thousands if not millions of children had smiles and their world changed by our actions. With passionate effort by so many we should be so proud of all we achieved, I know we are.


So here we go, out on a high. Thank you kindly to all of you for your support and generosity over the years. For now this chapter is over, however it will always remains in our hearts and the hearts of many.


A person and team that is 1000000% about giving and helping others means that we will be back in one form or another so watch out for our next adventure. Whilst Pencils has come to an end, giving, helping and serving others in need will never end.


Thanks to everyone from the Team at Pencils, we will see you down the road somewhere else somewhere soon.


Take care, thank you and much love Cindy & Oli (Founders), Aaron & Mandy (Caretakers) and the amazing Pencils Team (You all know who you are) xx


Ps Happy to answer any enquiries you may have about existing collections and where they can go from now to the end of the year.